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(Nov 25, 2003)

The "Triggered intellect will spark a very separate identifiable consciousness. It is there. When a person religiously submerges in the feeling of conscious concentration, suddenly an attached and definitely a detached automatic concentration is called the opening of the third eye." It is true. The Buddhist lamas and the age old Indian saints and the intellectual thinkers get this. Just because it is rare, the experience of the third-eye-vision-experienced person are the examples of this. Still, nobody is giving the information anywhere for the scientific explanation of the third eye.

Enlightment is our brain's vision. This internal vision gives the trance state of a man or it is the action of the ear lobes constant function in the head portion.

Synesthesia is also like anesthetic condition. This synesthetic drowsing condition seems to be like the same condition occurring in epilepsy. The difference between these two is, in the epilepsy condition, tiresome, fainting and other nerve damage occurs to the brain. But in the synesthetic consciousness, there may be similarities to the previous effect but it is not a disease. In this drowsiness, the person's consciousness is pure and alert. He will have feeling about the brain. But he will not be having any feeling about the body. It is trance. The ear lobes are not like the other lobes in the brain. It is an ever-alert lobe. It receives and records the messages in connection with the thinking of religious feelings.


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