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Sathguru Takes To Sanyas

Sathguru Sri Sadasiva Bramendrar took to Sanyas as ordained by Lord Varadharaja Perumal, the presiding deity of Kanchi, on Wednesday, the....  (Jan 02 2002) More ...

Brahmendra And His Associates
The saint Avadootha "SADASIVA BRAMENDRA" lived in the 18th century. The saint was a wanderer in the jungles of Pudukotai districts and occasionally... (Mar 22 2002) More ...

Gnanacheri - Chronicle
In the 18th century, Brahmagnani Sadasiva Brahmam, the emobodiment of Sivamsa, dedicated himself entirely to the service of God irrespective of caste, creed and religion. At a certain stage of his life... (Mar 22 2002) More ...

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