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(Feb 02, 2004)

The head side lobes are termed as our ear lobes. Another name for these lobes is the temporal lobe. These lobes lie at the side of the head above the ears. Its performances and functions are several like speech perception, hearing and some kind of memory.

Apart from the brain memory portion, the ear lobes are our second and foremost memory portion. It stores all sorts of memories, peculiar memories, invention memories etc. This portion is automatically specialized in religious memories of the human beings and the memory of continuous births. These temporal lobes reveal several wonderful knowledge of the universe.

I am very interested in this part. My brain triggered this portion in its full capacity. This part is in the size of the poker chip situated in the temporal cortex.

All our nerve impulses from the ear are processed here. The impulse actions of 90% of the right-handed people and 10% of the left handed people lies in this part. Spoken language lie in the left temporal lobe. Think more and more quietly in your leisure time at any quiet place. This act is triggering the lobe in its full swing. This lobe absorbs the extra knowledge of the universe immediately. You can feel the bulging action of the ear lobes by the side of the ear. I feel this everyday and the headache of mine is natural in this lobe place.


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