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(May 18, 2004)

The brain stem is called the reptilian brain. This is the oldest part in our system. This is the most basic region of our brain. The several functions are the work of this stem. The essential controlling work is an important work of this portion. Breathing and heartbeat are controlled by the brain stem.

It manages sleeping and waking, digestion, body temperature and elimination of wastes. It maintains life without conscious thoughts and higher level of brain action.

Any direct damage to the stem is fatal to the life. The stem portion is the life principle to trees. In the same way, the brain stem is important to our life principle. This portion's dust part and its calcium-electromagnetic combinations and the neutron energy have the power of receiving and preserving the energy and signals and the conscious of this portion. This conscious principle of the stem is equal to our brain's sub-conscious principle.

Dream condition is our confused consciousness. Concentration in the eyebrow center filters and eliminates the confused consciousness of the brain stem. In-between the spine's upper portion, this stem acts as a transformer.


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