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(June 9, 2004)

A bundle of fibres connect the left and right sides of the brain hemispheres. This is very important in the brain. It is called the corpus collasum. The hemispheres specialize in their inputs and actions. The corpus collasum carries the message needed to co-ordinate and integrate the left and right side brain functions.

The hereditary inputs in the semen, the recipe dots or small cells, are the previous births' inputs. Semen energy gives shapes of the brain in the human birth system. It is the deciding factor of the quality of man and women. This quality is called the "guna" of a person. Our brain thinks according to our natural inputs in the energy.

After we take birth, our seeing principle can and will register the imprints of the matter world. It is called the real functioning of our knowledge.

The different types of knowledge existing in the society, is the cause of this hereditary inputs.

Grooming our brain, getting our knowledge absorption, studying and reading capacity is well channelized in this way. It is called the "destined births". This is true. No man or women can escape in this and from this natural system.


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