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A Two Wheel Toy Also Will Run

(Mar 22 2002)

          A two wheel toy also will run. A bullock cart also will run. Intellect will be useful only if a man uses the world he lives in. Otherwise life will become a harrowing experience.

          You must light an earthen lamp and put it outside only when there is air. For the ordinary wind the lamp will not be blown out. Only a big gale will put it out. With your intellect don't think very fast or very slowly. If you think in a median way then your intellect will show you the way to tide over all crises.

          If you are silent you are a big man. Try and practice silence and you will become a big man. But if you go on talking you will become a small man. A man who does not think will eventually become small man. Him we can call really as a man who thinks and talks.

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