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Budhistic Thoughts

(Dec 23 2002)

Dear friends,

The Master, Sri Sathguru Sadasiva Bramendrar, during the past 23 years has expounded the Budhistic thoughts in various angles. We are happy to share some of his profound thoughts with you.


1.Mind stuff is in the head. It is called Buddhi.
2.Your growth is not confined in your physical body alone. Growth is wedded mainly with brain.

Earth is buddhi.
Sowing is thinking.
Growing is in brain.
Feeling of growing is natural.


Brooding will give unconscious pain to the brain. Beware of that.

5.Conscious thinking is concentration.
6.Conscious of some thinking is knowledge.
7."Conscious of the brain" is beauty. To realize this phenomenon is the real struggle in life.
8.The pedestal of consciousness is the brain. Respect and realize it.

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