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Practical Lesson No.1
Mar 22 2002

Who am I

Am I who

I who, you

Am I who

Are you - am I

         To acquire special knowledge, or a particular knowledge in a subject and create the same subject for deleverance of special truths is the mode creating to the mind called the esoteric science of India. The precise preaching of these modes of the mind is in the poem. The practioneer first has to know the meaning of the poem. Knowing the meaning of the poem and having the truth in it in your mind as your knowing principle will change the mode of the mind. To know the principle by a particular functioning cell, is creating the new knowledge by the mode. The mode is the way in this science. The pupil repeating the mode and byhearting the poem at the time of singing is necessary. The peom should be recited in various octaves.
         At the time of repeated singing, the pupil can put in front of him the image of Christ, fairy or any saint he likes. The feeling of the pupil's heart and mind is to think the lotus feet of the fairy or saint. The repetition of the singing the song, or the more songs given below, in various octaves is to be watched to merge with each other (song and seeing should merge). The pupil can choose and try different types of special mode creating songs, and know the suitable one for his mode creating.
         The result of this practice is a creative special knowledge of the highlighted subject by you. The esoterism is trigerring the mind's mode.

         Octaves - Six tones above and below a given note.

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