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Practical Lesson No. 2

Mar 22 2002

Philosophical explanation of esoterism

          Sense organ's action and sense are, repeated feeling or concentrated feeling, of a particular rhyme of words by practice. To create the esoteric feeling of the sense, practice in your leisure time this type of particular rhyme of words. Sensing habit is the brain function. Eventhough it is true that this type of practice shows the relative aspect of the memory function, in this esoteric study we are memorising a feelingful rhyme and transform the study as a habit to the brain cells. This is called the esoteric change of our brain. This esoteric habitual feeling or thinking about a particular repetition is triggering the mind to ponder and retrieve the expected knowledge and do creations and wonders in our selected subjects. The flowing potentiality of a particular science are working individually for the required knowledge is the esoteric action of the brain cells. The result is entirely new knowledge may come out from us. We can create a symphony, different types of tunes can be created for our use. I am trying to teach through this media. A man or woman may take this subject as an extra curricular activity of a man and a woman. Please follow the readings and lessons for practice. It will do good for you and give happiness.

          Out of the four oldest gospel books of India the one book is creating the esoteric feeling to our mind is the Sama veda.

          Look out for the rhymes and lessons in this site.

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