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Mar 22 2002

         Esoterism. Philosophical doctrines are called as esoterism. This is a natural science for administrating the feeling of the human being. Strictly speaking, this science is very popular in India and hinduism for so many eras. A creativeness in the feeling of esoteric, acts as a principle in this subject. It is a practical science to the religious minded people. This is connected to religion. As a philosophy, the explanation of the esoteric actions induce a feeling of estacy in the human being. The practice of this will immediately create estacy in the human concentrated feeling. Joy is created in the estacy.

         The estacy state is the pre-esoteric condition. It is a semi consicious condition of the absolute state of a man. At that time, a thin conscious feeling will prevail in the midst of the estacy condition. That consciousness is called the super conscious condition of a man. This estacy triggers our mind to make contact with the super consciousness that exists in the universe. When we are in the universal super-conscious-condition, that esoteric talent gives us the power to do and perform supernatural works, which is a gift.

         The teacher who teaches this esoteric body subject should instruct the student to switch off their mind immediately and try to mingle with their estacy inch by inch. This dogmatic science and instruction makes a person to connect his self with the universal sound. Merging with various types of sounds and octaves are all special lessons in this subject. First the teacher should read the pupil in their estacy and then he can judge the condition of the inner body of the pupil by his esoteric actions. So, each and every student will be given a seperate octave for their merging point in the ectasy. Supernatural powers are the results of the esoteric science. Ardent devotees will get result in this subject.

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