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Transmission Of Powers

(Mar 22 2002)

         I am writing here a holy information on the subject of esoterism. Kindly read the information and assimilate it for your pleasure and knowledge accumulation about a special knowledge and science . This subject should be learned by a student with his master's help and advice. It is necessary for all purposes.

         The master can ask the pupil to tell the truth first. They want to know the pupil's real ambition and for what reason the pupil want's to know this subject. In this subject, the master holds the important keynotes and theories to make the esoteric action in the body of the pupil. The rules in this subject are very strict. The code and conduct for the pupil is, he has to be soft in nature as a flower always. No pupil has any choice of his own in esoterism. The master is final and he is the deciding authority.

         Positive power exhibition is true. Esoterism is a creative science. Rebouncing attitude of the creative power from a pupil too is in this science. I am writing for my own sincerity and I am have great regard for all subjects available in the world. Take this introduction as my first advice to the reader.

Holy Relic

         A part of a departed holy person's body acts as a residue to generate the esoteric tendency in a particular created atmospheric condition or in a real devotees body. It is one action in this performance. A lock of hair of a departed holy person is a relic which acts for esoterism. White coloured hair transmits the static electricity in the space along with the holy person's feeling to the master. The master's body immediately gets filled with huge surface energy for his powerful action. When the master, even with little concentration thinks about the student, the student gets the blessing. Touching or embracing by the master and revering the belongings of the master will make the holy power to contact and transmit to the student. This holy power immediately reacts in the student's brain and changes his physical, mental and intellectual planes as same as the master's estoeric feeling. This is called the esoteric blessings of India.

         Read the subject and think many times and get the clearance from your own mind. This is my good advice. Give respect to all the holy people of the world and the holy saints of India.

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