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(Dec 27 2002)

Dear friends,

        Sathguru Sri SADASIVA BRAMENDRAR during the past 23 years has given talks and written on almost all subjects under the sun. We are happy to share with you some of his thoughts about his various gurus whom he met during his previous birth as Lord DATTATREYA.


        I saw a bird. Its life taught me a lesson .The tireless unselfish work of the bird touched my heart and made me think.

        The birds have gnana inherent in them and are totally duty conscious, where as I am not. The birds have a natural detached attachment where as I am immersed eternally with worldly attachment .I talk of Maya and all that philosophic verbose but enjoy in its perpetual existence.

        The bird is not in the mythological paradise. It creates paradise around it in this very world where I also live.

        Let me learn from the bird its tireless duty, selfless service, detached attitude and make the surrounding of mine into a paradise.

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