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January 31 2001

Psychology :
          Study of the mind is psychology. The close study of the mind and its functions of a healthy man does not reveal any important behaviour of the mind. It means the function of the mind is correct. This study is useful to treat the small brain diseases and disorderly functions like hysteria. This medical science is useful to the mankind. Philosophy : It is a system of study. Basic truth about the universe and the study of the principles of the universe, effective morals and the conduct of a man to do the philosophical study for his realisation, how to train his self for the inclination of that study indepth at all times and find new thinking philosophy to create and give the world. All these come under the subject philosophy. Philosophy helps the human being to understand each and everybody for his own emancipation.

Manifestation :
          The constant rotating universal energy in the five great elements (earth, sky, water, fire and air) are doing the changes in the physical life of a man to some persons which the religion terms as God's gift. Whatever the terminology may be, I am in a very clear idea that the universal energy with all its sound signals is gradually manifesting in your physial body. This is the first action of the manifestation of the supernatural force. The manifested energy in the body, controls the portions of the body, this causes pain at its working condition. This may be a scientific truth or may be spiritual truth. I am not giving a conclusion to any terminology now.

          First, this happenigs will occur to the dovoted persons, or highly concentrated human beings. Its second phase is final in its action. The second manifestation occurs for persons who do not show excessive interest in the first mainifestation and who do constant and concentrated prayers. The result is absolute knowlede of universe and God's gospel. The realised people in India say, the first manifestation is the base for the second manifestation. The second manifestation occurs to those who have gone through the first manifestation with the divine grace of liberated souls and the Creator. To deserve this, constant and concentrated prayers are needed.

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