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May 29 2001

         Brain is an organ like our hands and legs. It is our inner organ in the skull for our thinking purpose. Its work is pure thinking. To everybody in the world, from birth to death, the total brain won't function totally. That is why its branded as an organ. To all of us a portion of the brain is always functioning from birth to death. This functioning portion of the brain is called as the mind of a man. The mind's capacity is limited. The capacity of the brain is full. This is the difference between the mind and the brain. Chittta : Intellect is called the chitta of a man. The explanantion is single pointed intution is intellect of a man. Intelluctual man generally is called a brainy man.

         Chitta's function is very powerful and more concentrated.

         'Anta' means the inner space of the body, 'karana' means organs inside our body. 'Indhriya' means the outer organs in our body (hand, leg, etc.). The inner body karanas discharges several duties like the outer body indhriyas of a man (pancha indriyas). I have given a glimpse here. .

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