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October 24 2000

Question :

           Whenever I start praying, after a while my hands start shaking a lot and my body begins to vibrate

Answer :

          1.For the sake of relief do meditation only twice a month.This is an answer to meditation only.

         2.Twice a week do your prayer before the deity or any auspicious book or piece of lovable statue or anything of your choice. Follow the two separate instructions for one month.I realise the capacity of your mind and these instructions are based on the calmness of your brain.The result of your own practice will tell upon you.Kindly do follow the above order.You will get immediate relief and the slightest agitation of the functioning mind will vanish immediately.

         3.Perform the dhyana as mentioned below. Sit down in your room in the ordinary Padmasana position.Keep in front of you a stainless steel bowl.Pour water up to the brim of the bowl.After that put a [small] tabletennis ball in the water.All actions should be done by you only.They will get registered in your mind and the same will be projected in your mind as a photo and you can see the floating ball in the bowl.Your brain will make its attachment in the floating ball and will give relief and peace in the dhyana.

          Close your eyes after seeing the entire action and the object.The same will reflect in your mind as if it is in front of you.Take a print out of my picture in my website and have it in your hand.Before starting the dhyana you should gaze at the centre of my eyebrow for a while for this dhyana.After seeing the photo face the object and close your eyes and do dhyana in this way.Your shivering will stop in this dhyana.Your health is OK.Just as in winter the physical body shivers your body vibration is the vibration of kundalini yoga that is connected to the inner body,Athma,Astral body.Be cheerful and do it.


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