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October 27 2000

         In due course of time it will give effect on your decision. Iam writing the Lord Varadaraja's gospel. Everybody should perfom their duty and do practice Bhakthi afterwards.This in Hindu scripture is called as "Duty Consiousness" .Krishna called this as Karma Marga. He will give his appearance to Karma Margis, who are all duty concious workers. This is the truth. A sad thing to our thinkers, who expect quick result in this world, are in their process of thinking. They are raising questions in their mind. This is the cause for the confusion. When the confusion is erased the supreme being God is helping everybody.This result is mine and the seers of India.

         You youngsters in their liesure time think twice or thrice, about our religious sayings. There is no destiny prescribed by God to any life including Mankind. God,the supreme conciousness energy evoluting from each and every life is the destiny of God. So destiny question is not at all there.

         Everything to your life is destined that is the universal truth spelt in our religion. According to the brain power the knowing principle is growing that is all. The destiny principle is destined and it may be achieved by somebody or not at all by anybody. Why iam writing this is because the destiny principle vested with the Almighty. The thinking and knowing prinicple vested in the power variations of the people's mind. Through various births we can achieve the supreme Goal or atleast each and every knowledgable man should be in the penultimate stage of the Almighty.

Loving Swamiji. .

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