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Is There Any Existence In The Space For The Creation Of The Universe

Mar 20 2002

         Denial of the first cause, whether it is a necessary approach of our thinking or not, is the real thinking of a man. Before we start thinking, the thinking approach and process of the emergence of the universe is in the first thinking prospect of ours and does not give any puzzle to a thinker. Yet unto this minute, even to the greatest thinker who thinks about the universal emergence and the naturalism of it is an amazing one and not a puzzle to anybody. Puzzling experience is also the doubt of a man. If anybody thinks that doubt itself is a cause, my contention is man's first doubt is a positive thinking for him.

         The brain is an ever functioning organ to all of us. It will not put a halt to anybody's thinking. It is its nature. This nature is a great strength for our existence. We exist in this world because of the existence or the first cause. The other principle is non-existence. If the non-existence is the reality of the universe, why the existence principle has arised to us? We have to think whether there are two principles of existence or nonexistence of the universe.

         Non-existence is not possible in the universe. Out of the void nothing can be created. A core, object, or unknown principle must be the first cause and that itself has its own cycling effect and expansion of the universe. In the solar system, till the sun's heat and radiation exists, the expulsions from the sun are the first cause for the creation of our solar system. The realism of the universe and its theory or its changing theory is the creatin of the planets and every elemental core and their various combinations are the objects of the world. The existence theory is man's subject of thinking.

         This is the cause why the eliminating work or nethi philosophy has come out from Hinduism and has tried to understand the first cause, principles, God and God concept. Here at any place there should not be any confusion to anybody to indicate the sex difference of the God or the Almighty. God will not be in the shape of a man or woman in its first stage. It must be an existing core or principle. These two are co-existant and interact with each other for the universal visual beginning.


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