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Denial Of The First Cause
(Mar 02 2002)

          Denial of the first cause gives a very big boost to our mind. If anybody wants to go and think in this subject, he will have to think more in a concentrated way about the emergence of the universe. The human mind has given so many boost to a thinker and comes to a decision in a particular subject is itself a scientific thinking. This is the positive side of this type of thinking.

          Denial of the first cause is paving a new way to our thinking about any object or emergence in the space. A person can take this little knowledge as a good sign for his healthy thinking. The positive answer for the thinking effect may come. What if it does not come is a question. This is one of the rules of the nethi philosophy. Our own another thinking may reply to our mind that this type of thinking is dragging a person towards the darkness side of our knowledge. So, we the philosophers are ready to alert and give room to our brain towards the positive thinking. Going on writing like this will or will not give answer. It is beautiful quest. The quest of ours has thirst to our new writing and thinking.

          Can we take any thinker in this line as our standing example to this subject? Some may say Lord Buddha is a true man in his voyage of thinking in his life. But so many or some may deny this. Lord Buddha attained a nirvana stage his goal in his probe of knowledge. Controlling all our sense organs and giving more effect of thinking of our own existence will give nirvana to the Jains. Their nirvana is their living state in the absolutism of the world.

          Explaining this absolutism is called the absolute universal knowledge (emergence and creative knowledge)

          The Jain is a elevated person seated in the absolutism forever and it is the permanent maintainable cause through the quest for realisation. Man's five sensory organs are the cause of every good and bad things and it is the source of all the bad and good creations in the universe. So they show more and more interest in the control of the organs which is called as indhriya nigraha in the tapas or penance.

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