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Nethi Philosophy

Feb 19 2002

         Nethi Philosophy is one of the so many thesis of Hinduism. Here the word 'thesis' which I have mentioned is itself a new thinking to the thinker for his own analysation of the five elements or the prakruthi which is termed in English as the several solar systems in the space. The word 'analysing' is a word which indicates a man doing his matter-research point by point through his thinking and the whole is a result of his intellect and can be termed as his intellectual result. This is a kind of our intellect finding knowledge and the storage of the same in the conscious side of the intellect which is totally continuing from birth to birth.

         The another positive thinking of the nethi philosophy is to have analysed the facts and figures of the universal processing effects. It is the second way in the nethi science. In this science of philosophy, the result that the philosopher gets is his deep engrossed thinking of the negating principle. Out of the two terms analysing and analysed (terminologies of the nethi philosophy), the second word analysed is the result of the nethi philosophy. The result of this type of analysing the prakruthi or elements is called the realisation of the elements. In the matter realisation of the universe, the researcher can automatically accumulate the knowledge, process and forming of the universal life.

Two types of nethi philosophy
         Negating each and every inert matter, combination of so many new materials and the process of combination is a seperate philosophy of the nethi philosophy. A thinker in this line can travel upto the level of negating the minute particles of the prakruthi and express to the philosophical world the void is the only space which is the real one. It can be termed in any word by anybody according to their own convenience. But immediately the nethi philosophy kindles the thinker's mind as follows.

         Nethi means 'no'. Negating the subject, object, concept or principles also at any time comes under the 'denial thinking' to you or any thinker. Any thinking which he considers as final and conclusive and branding or naming the new thesis will also cease to last forever. Full knowledge or absolute knowledge without any core of doubt is the result of this nethi philosophy. But this thesis also stands in the second stage only. A thinker of this type may be a first man or saint to the world but not to the first cause or the first concept.

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