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  First Cause

Jan 31 2002

         Air, water, fire, earth and the space all these are the elements of the universe. Scientific explanation to one of the element, i.e., the space, is in the stage of its own existence. To describe that this space is existing in a place is not a satisfied terminological explanation to it. The rest of the four elements are in the space is giving a reference to the space, expressing to a man that there is a space in every object of the world. If you make a question in your own mind about the space in so many ways, that itself is a science and a research. The admiring thing in it is, man's research about the space and its existence upto this minute has failed. The other four elements apart from the space are objects in the space and have occupied the space for their existence and expansion.

This physics seems to be a very small thinking or query to anybody in the world. But to find some extra knowledge about the space, there should be a reason for man to question about the space. Without the existing objects in the space (or the prakruthi) the space can be probed to some extent and gives an admiration about the fifth element.

The conclusion of all the elements is a sort of science and it will push a man to go into the deep thinking about these elements. All the God concepts of the world are all the conclusions of the thinkers. If anybody refers and uses the word 'conclusion', it may not demoralise the man because the conclusions of the thinkers may give room to research more or may not give room at all. The rambling thoughts about the space are a real tonic to the thinker. The proverbial rambling does not fit in any terminology to the space.

According to my conclusion, the space is expanding or the expanding space is only a reference to the other four elements and not to the space. Expansions happen in the object. The great space is giving room for the expansion. To come to a conclusion by refering to these sentences the utterances like this is a farce. Amidst this type of thinking, the confusion that comes to a man is about God or the concept of God. So, the fifth element, the space, can be explained as void and cannot be said as existing. All the objects that exist in the space is the present reality.

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