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Conscious Thought of Awakening
Mar 22 2002

         "Kindly do not feel the blessings as a burden. As you have said in your letter I have come across all these experiences and now my present position is a state of peaceful and tranquil vibrations in my mind. Feeling the physical body's thought should be completely relieved from the body automatically. It happened to me and I enjoyed that state. Try to think diametrically opposite subject other than the religious experience to give room to the Lord to manifest fully. I have practiced this for a very long time whenever my mind thinks of my blessed gifts. This divergent thinking slowly gives peace and tranquility to my mind. After some time I am freed from all thinking about my own creations and God's blessings in my boosom.

         There I find upto this minute the explanation of the peace, the experience of the tranquility of the brain. Humbly to say I am in this state now. This condition gives room to the full manifestation of the Creator and remove the part manifestation of the physical body. The cause of the pain in the physical body is because of slow manifestation of the universal functioning energy. The universal functioning energy and its main act is with the brain cells only. It opens all the brain cells and we enjoy the full awakening of our own self and brain organ. Slowly observe the content of this letter in matter and spirit. For your full guidance, the Almighty will take care of your physical body, enter and make use of your birth. This is the result. I pray for you.

The results are :

  • Absolute knowledge is the result of God realisation.
  • Will become completely fearless.
  • Can make new creations but cannot remember it. The memory portion of that particular subject will be completely erased but the consciousness of it will remain.
  • For contemplation of any subject, you must have zero based (clean slate)
    approach for that subject."

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