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When Does Transmigration Occur?
Nov 13 2002

 A pious man's mind is fully flexible for the transmigration of souls in the space. The souls require the following for the transmigration in the living body of a man or women.

    1.Quality of pious state
    2.Quiet mind
    3.The concentration of one's own 'self' (athma).

      These are the main cause for the transmigration of souls.

      This practice is in the Hindu religion. Most of the Hindus in India are the believers of this auspicious action and most of them are ambitious to have this effect in their body. The ways and means for this are in the Hindu scriptures.

      The migration act occurs only in the body of the human being and not in any other life beings. My contention is, thinking is essentially required for this to occur. Because of this reason I am keenly interested to probe the matter and do research in the brain because the thinking people alone are more or less thinking about religion.

      Transmigration occurs in the following ways.

    1.The soul transmigration may occur in the body. If it occurs in the body, this type of transmigration will migrate slowly step-by-step. This act happens from the lower portion of the body and then slowly migrates upto the brain stuff. The person can realize the migration of the soul in their body till the migration reaches the neck in the sense of feeling only. From there the migration touches the brain stuff and covers the entire head portion.


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