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Dec 11 2002

        This is a reply by SWAMIJI to a query on 'Evolution'.

        Evolutions happen rarely in persons.

        In the life of human beings there are certain natural upgrading methodology that I have mentioned in my latest article in the web site of mine.

        Soul, spirit, manifestation, transmigration and the excited ecstasy and emotionalism are all in one way or the other connected from the outside space to human being for the new action oriented emotionalism and the vibrant attitude in the body which is the vehicle of the human being.

        When religious minded people get these experiences such experiences are termed as spiritualism.

        When the above-mentioned things only give physical experiences these are called in the various degrees, prescription terminologies like soul,manifestation etc.

        The same experience at times when it happens to some physical body, touches the brain cells and brain stuff. This second type of happening is an evolved one of the pious people.

        Brain touching action alone can give new knowledge. But all these actions are slow in motion and rare in existence in numbers in humanity.


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