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Non - Existence

Mar 22 2002

         The space is a place. Its importance is to give room to all existing matters in its fold. To think about the space, is our great intelluctual realisation. At your leisure think about it and ask the question, what is this space? The knowing common answer striking to all brainy people is not a philosophy. To enquire the space, the meaning is impregnated in itself. If a man goes into the meaning of the question, then he can create or find a beautiful philosophy in it.

         The naturality of space is all pervading. I and you know that space is everywhere. This is the truth and wonder of the existence of space. There is no word in any dictionary that defines space in any other way. The existence is worshipped by some people and philosophers who consider the space as God. Giving a name to the space, will hinder our further thinking. Thinking about the space is exercised by so many saints, seers and wisdomful personalities in this world. Each and everybody is wondering about the space. That is a great tribute to the space. I am not in a position at any time to name the space as God or something in any another term. My mind is not willing to give any name to the space. Space itself is a space that itself is a name. I will have to think the 'space' and know what is space? and how it is all pervading at all times is my prolonged thinking process.

         My admiration of the space is full. It gives a great honour. It, giving room to everything is its natural phenomenon. It has nothing to do with the existence it has in it. This type of thinking will be the effect of the bliss of a thinker. This bliss is also the thinker's effort. It is not the effort of the space.

          The uncertainity of the body, life and matter is all in our game. Space is not the cause for anything. Cause hunting philosophy has nothing to do with space till this minute. That is why humble mind is giving a great place to the space.

          A small blue metal is very hard to feel. We know about that matter. Even in the hard blue metal, the space has its own place. The blue metal can be crushed into pieces and the pieces can be made into powder. This action is the action of the space. Just for fun, you imagine the non-existence of the space in the blue metal. This statement is false. Space is giving the power to crush any hard thing, metals and elements.

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