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Vacuum - The Protector

Mar 22 2002

         Protection is a beautiful word. It has its own meaning - to protect everything, including us. The other two important actions, creation and destruction, is going on in the universe. The word destruction does not mean that the matter is totally ceased. Total destroying of any matter's core is not working in the universe. The destructive nature in the universe is a word to ponder and think, and it drags the human mind to the extent possible to each and every thinker's capacity.

          This word gives a respect in my mind to think about God or whoever He or She or anything may be. It is the urge of my self to surrender to the principle and give salutation to the work in the universe. Why because, the word 'destroying', is accessing more credit. This principle is the main cause for the new creation or the changing of the creations (or matter parts and principles). The creating and destroying principle are protected by the main principle of the Almighty.

          It is protected by vacvum which surrounds the entire galaxies on all sides. This vacvum is the protecter of the changing universe. A place where there is no air is called vacvum. Its realisation is more important to me. It is important to all thinkers who all like to know the creation. The protection principle and the existence philosophy is continuously happening in the entire space world by the vacvum. The vacvum is created on its own accord or by any other means, and upto this minute, its happening is a great thinking.
          The vacvum is situated in three places for the permanent protection of the galaxies and our universe. They are situated in

1. the outer space i.e. surrounding the enitre galaxies,
2. In the nuclei of the universe
3. among the planets.

         The protector vacvum is our inducer to think. My mind is always after this. Think about the vacvum and fillup your conscious mind and self with the absolute peace and happiness.

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