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The Energy In The Universe

Mar 22 2002

          The universe is called by us as 'the matter world'. All the existence of beings, other metal particles, various types of chemically changing ores and cores, are all the matter we refered is called the universal piece. The study of this inert matter in its various condition and position for more knowledge about it is called physics. Physics is a special study of matter principles in the space. The inert condition of the matter has got its own functioning theory. There is no matter in the world without any function. The matter may differ for their existence in the space. One portion of the philosophy of matter is giving knowledge to our brain and we consider the working principle of the matter is a continuous natural process. Sometimes this will make a man as an atheist.

         The philosophical thinking of a matter is a very bold step. To enquire about the philosophical thinking of the matter, is a great boost to our thinking. Nobody is deciding for such thinking. The capacity of man is limited at present. The philosophical thinking of anything is the other side of the coin. Don't think I am writing philosophically. Denial of anything is not correct. Probing a particular subject again and again will give a place for us to think loud. Whatever idea we may have about the matter world, the God's creation or the matter world's natural creation is an astonishing knowledge to us.

        Knowledge produced so may new ideas. Ideas are coming out from our brain. Ideas and knowledge may be in the matter, but the matter on its own accord won't deliver any knowledge. Finding the matter creation is the work of God. Anybody can coin this name for our own progress. Some may express everything is God and every work is his changing nature, called in hinduism as His quality (His guna). In the universe, man's guna (quality) differs from the inert matter world's product's guna (quality). In philosophical terms, both the guna's are the changing principle of the creation. Quality analysing mind about the matter world definitely reveals the truth of the creation. The word 'truth' is termed as principle. The spirit of Hindu idea is, the inert world called as the 'prakruthi' of the God's creation.


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