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Universal Consciousness

Mar 22 2002

         The universal consciousness is the cause of all the life beings in the world. The tendency of the universal consciousness is, it is all pervading. This life being consciousness is permanent. This consciousness principle alters its position from planet to planet in the way of rotating type. This action is happening at the time chaotic condition of galaxies, and the force of the condition is the main cause for the consciousness ejection to another planet. Total collapse of the universal bodies also pushes the conscious principle from place to place in space.

         At present, our little knowledge convinced us that this principle is existing in earth only. The person who probes this may come to know that its existence is there in another place also and we do not know to whom he will convey this knowledge. This sentence is not a puzzle to me. At the same time I am thinking it is not my work to know about the other conscious world in the space. The circumference of the conscious world is called as the life planet of the universe. This consciousness is not at all present in vacvuum. The important element air including the other four elements cannot enter vacvuum. The conscious principle alone should and can enter into vacvuum.

         We do not know its time and happening. Whatever we think about this statement, the ability of the consciousness to enter the vacvum is certainly an admirable one. This action has happened so many times. It may happen in the future also. This is the truth and the work of the consciousness. So, I admire about the consciousness. Some saying that it is God and Almighty is not disturbing me. Whatever idea we have, we have no say in one place in the universe that is the vacvuum of the space. Without giving any terminology all can admire the vacvuum and the universal consciousness.

         It is a great pleasure to think about this. Some people may say that God is there apart from all these things and He is the creator of the entire universe including the vacvuum. This statement may give admiration to somebody and for some it would seem to be an non-thinking ability of a man. It may or may not be true. To the truth finding principle, the man is picking up so many types of thinking as his starting point. I am happy about the various thinkers of this philosophy. The realisation of mine is a concluded one.

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