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Personal God Experience

Mar 22 2002

         In India so many presiding deities are worshipped by hindus for the past so many centuries. Creation is the work of God. God is the sustainer of the created principles in the world. The collapsable destrction of the created principle, which is for the better change, is a seperate work of our Personal God.

         Lord Siva is controlling the destroying and changing principle of the universe. Lord Vishnu is sustaining the universal living things and blocks the decaying principle. Lord Bhrama is the creator of the matter-world. Here, the first creator of the matter-world is called 'Bhramam'. Its place is beyond the creation. The second creator's name is 'Bhrama'. His work is changing the life principle each and every minute which is also considered as a creation. In this respect, in India, the trinity in the Personal God is very important to Hinduism.

          Apart from this, there are various forms of Goddess in Hinduism. To clear the doubt from the reader regarding why the powerful God had a male and female form in their emergence is explained here. The philosophy in it is, all lives are generated in the planet earth only. The sex difference has happened in the planet earth alone. From the earth to a particular height, the space is divided into seven spheres. The seven spheres in the space are the seven places of various generating powers and the life in each place is different form each other. This aspect is explained in Hinduism and the practioneer daily worships the seven spheres taking Surya (Sun) as the presiding deity. This worship is a personal worship of each and every hindu. This worship is called the upasana of the Bhrama's creation to attain universal knowledge.

          The first sphere is called as 'Bhuhu', which means earth. Here, all life beings have female and male forms and sex differences. To attain the Godhood, the earthly man required a catalytic reagent. Lord Paramasiva in the male form, Parvathi in the female form, Lord Vishnu is the male form, His consorts in the female forms are all our worshipping deities. According to the intensity of the worship, the above mentioned deities work as the catalytic agent to contact the worshipper with the universal consciousness. Please note that the earthly deities have no sex. The worshipper has sex. The difference in the deities are shown because, in any planet, there cannot be life without sex difference i.e., there cannot be uni-sex beings alone.

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