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Religion For Knowledge Evolution

Mar 22 2002

          A bundle of enormous thinking and thoughts of so many thinkers of the world embedded heriditarily in the mind by a very big group in the world, preserved (protected) for the ensuing generation of the people at that time, made them to give a name to their thoughts, explanations, rituals and other code and conducts of the society. They first gave the name 'sanathana dharma' to their collected total knowledge. Dharma means quality. When quality gives activity to a man it is called guna. So they classified the total thoughts and embeded sayings into four seperate names for their reference. In the first stage the followers of sanatana dharma classified their entire thoughts and terminologised their thought collections as the Rig veda. People should note here, upto this time the only one book is Rig veda and the follower's communities name is sanathana dharmis.

         The name of the sect is 'sanathana dharma'. This is the first stage of hinduism. The hindu and hinduism is the name of the religion in India. These two names were given to the followers of the rig veda when they entered India. Till now hinduism has got only one book and its name is the previous one. Hindus have another three great scriptures which were also embeded in the mind as Rig Veda. The name of the other three books are Yagur veda, Sama veda and Atharvana veda. Till now we can note a peculiar thing that, the contents of the any three vedas will be found in the other veda. The society that migrated to India are called hindus and their 'ism' is called hinduism. Now the whole of India is under the influence of hinduism. Eventhough our country is a secular one, the majority of the people are hindus. I am writing only about hinduism. The philanthropic attitude of our country is great.

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