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Macrocosmic and Microcosmic Energy

Mar 22 2002

         The macrocosom energy and the microcosom energy are working in the universe. These two cosmic energies are working seperately in the universe now. From the burning sun, several parts have split and become planets. They have remained in the space in their respective position and angles with each and every planet by their gravitational pulls. The pulling of the gravitational force and the position of the planets is ordained and determined by the total weight and force of the magnetic dust in the planets that have split from the sun. The magnetic contents in each planet and its total weight differs from each other. This is because of the size of the planet and the magnetic dust contents is the main cause of the sustaining action of the planet.

          Except the planets that have split, the sun and moon are luminaries. Eventhough the planet moon is dead, it has its own power. Upto this minute we don't know the power and use of all the planets expect the burning sun. In the philosophical term, the sun is the nourisher and it is the first cause to us. The cause of the sun is the real first cause for the emergence of the sun. Where that first cause is staying in the universe is a question to somebody. The same is not a question to the religious people and its name is 'the creator of the sun and universe'.

           In the absence of the sun, no growth and no chemical change and nothing is possible in the space. So, as a reference for our probe to the first cause, the sun became the first cause to the religious people and is a deity to the philosopers and Indians. According to the will and pleasure of the people, the sun can be termed as a planet or God. Any Indian thinker from the olden days till now have not yet decided about our first cause. They simply take the first cause, the sun, as their probing concept of the sun's creator.


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