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Year 1990

Stone And Sculpture Part 2

Which is the greatest good action in the world.
Allowing God to enter your heart.
What is the reason for thinking...
(May 1990) More ...

Year 1989

Brahmendra On Devotees Of Shiva

For a child who crawls the mother gives every time a new biscuit. Every time you pray to god, request Him to give you a new life. Don't ask Him to repair your broken biscuit... (May 1989) More ...
Year 1988

Brahmendra's Pradosha Flowers

You can't fan an electric lamp and make it burn. Similarly, without God you can never get spiritual Enlightenment... (Sep 1988) More ...
Year 1987

The Life Story Of Gnani
This book narrates the events that happened in the life of Sri Sadashiva Brahmendra which was the previous incarnation of Gnani. It also says how he was asked to become silent... (Apr 1987) More ...
Year 1986

Brahmendra Gems Of Gnana
The cloth used for cleaning the lights in the temple was at last used for the torch. Like this if your are pinning daily for God, then one day you will become useful to the society... (Jul 1986) More ...
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