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(Nov 27, 2003)

The Cramps - A painful involuntary contraction of a muscle.

The parietal lobe - It is in the top of the head. It receives data from the skin. Nerve cells are called as neurons. This portion is processed particularly to receive the touch sensation, information, heat, cold, pressure, pain, and etc. to us. It has an effect on our body's position in the space. This brain top portion is connected with our primary motor area. This motor lies in the top portion of the parietal lobe. It controls the voluntary action.

Numbness - Deprived of power to feel or move. It happens in the skin portion and in the primary motor portion. How to activate the primary motor? I will write some sample lessons in the coming articles that can be practiced.

Paralyzing condition is not at all connected in the primary motor. That damage is caused in the brain. Parietal lobe in the top head and the primary motor require some interment tolerable heat transferring treatment. It is necessary. Parietal lobe cells must be activated by a gentle treatment and this may remove the body's numbness.

The triggered brain is always a conscious brain. The conscious brain is always silently alert at all times in its pulsating place. The pulsating purpose of the live consciousness is in a very great potential state, and its status is in the brain organ of each and everybody's bosom.


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