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(Nov 27, 2003)

It is absolutely alive to receive more things and information inputs for its great power and function. This function is more important and essential for the fullest action of that organ and its capacity in full for more practice and thinking in our life.

The present functioning portion of the brain to most of us and to the genius people is not to the brain's full capacity and its ability. The used portion is very little till this minute. The potentialities of the other portions of the brain are to be used. Civilization, culture and spontaneous thinking with heat up the brain and a person will have more brainpower. Each and every thinking practice must be a new one. Then only the function of that organ at each and every minute will be a new one.

The conscious concentration is mainly practiced by concentrating people and yogis. This will give a good result. At any minute this concentration will trigger the brain more than at present.

A normal person can also practice the lessons that I am going to write in the coming articles. It would be very much helpful to a person suffering from paralytic attack.


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