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(March 26, 2004)

The frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex lie under the forehead. They control planning, reasoning movement and aspects of speech.

Here, in the largest of the cerebrum's four lobes, most purposeful behaviors begin. The frontal lobes are well connected with the seat of emotions, the lumbar system.

Neuron. It is a nerve cell. Numberless neurons act as cells. Cells are the main action part of the entire nerve system.

All our lengthy nerve and our branch nerves are all made out of countless neurons. The systematic and fullest activation of the nerve neurons (nerve cell) is our right nerve function. When any small part or big part of our nerve portion in the body dislocates or gets damaged it will not co-operate and act properly to receive and transmit the brain signals and stops the movement of our body. This causes pain to the body. The other imbalance and emotional problems occur immediately.


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