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(March 26, 2004)

The centre for thought, memory and language is brain and spinal cord. Our two side cerebellum in the underneath portion of our head is beautifully seated on the tip of our spinal cord. The damaged spinal cord and the branch of our nerve system can't get the signals and information from the cerebellum. Due to this obstacle the cerebellum gets terrific pain and headache. Therein the confusion starts in the head in the bisecting upper cerebrum and the chemical change and imbalance in the head chemistry will give confusion, depression and terrible emotions to us.

Single point brooding, thinking and sleepless condition of the brain is a tragedy to our thinking.

To calm down the brain stuff we need high enriched protein and to some extent sleeping dose, etc. But in the other sense, the science should augment something or some way to correct the neurons and keep its function correct. It will give great pleasure to the humanity.

Neuron is called the cell body. These are in various shapes in our body. Each neuron has a nucleus or centre. In Tamil we can say 'neer suzal' whirlpool


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