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(April 28, 2004)

There is a lobe in the brain called occipital lobe. This lobe lies at the back of the head just above the cerebellum. The occipital lobe controls sight. It is also called visual cortex. Even if the rest of the system is normal, damage to the occipital lobe can cause blindness.

I am always having a very high concentration, at all times, about the brain because the lobes and cells in that organ have great potentialities and the hidden truths in it are abundant.

Take this example for thinking. A man is gazing the sky. When he sees the sky, a vision is registered in the brain cells. The seeing and registering action falls under the angular geometry. The angle is called the view of the brain coming to the definite conclusion. Each and every brain is the creator of the geometry science.

According to me, everyday a new geometry is coming on in the educational system for the existence of geometry. Who is going to record it and how the new things are going to exist? It is my thinking. It is my working process now.


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