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(April 28, 2004)

Seeing the object in the universe is the power of our brain. Eyesight captures the truth but the sight of ours creates the everyday geometry.

Geometry is a natural science. It reveals the truth of the formation of an object through the formed angles. "Creation power lies in the angle and the motivation of the creation, vision object's reality is hidden in the geometry angle." This is my conclusion. Geometry is mathematics. Eye angles deal with the properties. Elemental-mathematics i.e., the creation in the sky also deals with the properties and the relation of lines, angles, surfaces and solids.

Human beings and other beings are geometric solids. Geometric solids and crystals act as pole to the universal electricity.

It is a major connecting system of the light and power energy and power transmitting poles to the powerful brain cells.

Sight seeing object with the geometrical effect is a very interesting act to me. This type of observation and seeing the object will teach everybody a new lesson on research and a new geometry at every minute and every day.


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