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Gnanacheri - Chronicle
Mar 22 2002

        ‘Gnanacheri’ carries on its work quietly and in an orderly manner as per the wishes of Gnanigal. So far, Gnanacheri has not been able to acquire its own premises. His ardent disciples hope that it will be achieved soon through Gnanigal’s blessings in that regard and until that happens, they obey his command and discharge their duty as debt.

Reincarnation Of The Legend

         Chinnathachur is a village in South Arcot in Tamil Nadu. An Andhra bhaktha was going on foot, wrapping closely to his body an idol of Sri Parthasarathy Swamy. He would not put it down, for fear of losing ownership of it!! He reached the temple tank in Chinnathachur in order to bathe the idol in water.

          The Zamindar of the place was aware of the great sanctity of the idol and to ensure that the idol stayed there, rendered all assistance to the bhaktha to settle down in the village.

          Our great Gnanigal is the grandson of Thachur Venkataraman, hailing from that parampara, and son of Krishnaswamy whose wife was Rukmani Ammal. The family name of Venkataraman and the distinguished name of Lord Nataraja of Thiru Chithrambalam was given to Gnanigal. He had two sisters, of whom Subbulakshmi was the elder and Sundari the younger sister, and the brother was Radhakrishnan.

          Gnani’s life partner Smt Bhanumathi took the divine order under the name of Matha Yoga Anandamayi and is engaged in service to God along with the Gnani.

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