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Dec 05 2001

         In Sanskrit 'prakruthi' is a technical term. The quality of the existence, expansion, contraction, natural mixing process, heat production, the creation of new chemical combinations and particles and various gases, cycling in the same mass again and again is the nature of the earth. All these meaning of the earth is totally purported in the earth element, called the 'prakruthi'.

         This is our living element that we all call the earth planet of ours is beautiful. Its probing and analysing is giving a very great knowledge to the researcher and scientist at each and every minute. Other than the planet earth, the rest of the four great elements are not only in the earth, but are existing in the entire cosmic area.

         The believer of God concept says that the creator of these useful elements is existing in the space permanently. From time to time, amidst this ever changing principle and new creations are simultaneously going on. It is the work of God or the Almighty. The thinker has two choice to think about these actions. He has to think it as philosophy of the universe or he has to think it as the philosophy of God, who is an ever existing one or ever existing principle, should be and has to be probed by everybody through the religious dictums, codes and conducts of its nature. The analysation by our mind is more important. In this way, I am slowly trying to realise the above mentioned subject and try to explain them to the interested vast majority of the people.

         Scientific research based on the physical world is a portion and a partial research of the prakruthi. Prakruthi itself is a dharma. Dharma means quality of elements. The elemental qualities cannot be changed. The element's basic quality is natural. The naturalism of each and every element is the fundamental base of the elementric basic changing principles. Based on this changeless dharma (quality), the Hinduism and the thinkers and believers of God and God concept are worshipping these elements. The modern Indian people still believe the same thinker's principles as their belief and do it with or without knowledge about it.

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