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Dec 05 2001

         To probe the universe, you have to believe God and have the feeling of the following three terminologies in your mind. The first one is God. The second one is God concept. The third one is prakruthi dharma.

         Creator's created objects have their quality or dharma as their principle and work according to that principle. The prakruthi's principles and dharmas are fully controlled by the Creator just to run the show of the universe. If anything or the Creator does not have the control over this creation, the entire universal creation will immediately collapse. This is the firm faith of the religious people.

         The wonder about this subject is, upto this minute, the entire world is still searching the Creator and His power and the nature of the power. It is very interesting to know in what way and how He controls, sustains and destroys the created universe, for what reason, who is He and what is He going to do. It is puzzle to a common man and not to thinker. Struggling from void is not possible to anybody. But the struggling nature is the real nature of a man. What the universal man is going to struggle for? What for and how far his struggle is giving results to him about the God concept explanation? According to my idea and the thinker's who research the elements, all the universal answers and explantion is only science and is possible to everybody. But the science is based on the universal dharma or the object of the God's creation.

         This object is not at all possible to be probed upto this minute because it has got connection to a very great power which is absolutely away and cut off from the universe. The universal dharma can be supplied as new knowledge from God or it has come to some people in the universe on its own accord or automatically. So, my humble answer is science is an accumulation of more and more knowledge of the universal dharma. So, the decision making of the scientist is a very weak thought. Nobody has got any power to answer the religious dharma. Certain people differ from this comment. Every proper thinker should be obliged to this thinking which is the humbleness of the human being. Educating our brain and our aspiration for more knowledge about the universe and the universal dharma is very important for each and every body and has to travel side by side with the science. Some rare Hindu religious thinkers followed the philosophy of negating philosophy. This negative philosophy is termed as 'nethi philosophy'. concept.

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