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Jan 28 2002

         The man in the world has no way to avoid his writings and thinking in a form (Man can only have his writings and thinking in a form). He is always in a position to brand his thoughts as a concept. Each and every person has created a concept of his own in any research on any subject that he had in his mind. It comes under the word 'concept', because, that is the only path for him to analyse the matter world or the matter mixtures of the universe. Subjects in these lines are all subjects of educational works which is called physics.

         Physics is a very great and wide subject of the world. The matter principles and the origin of this formational objects in the physics is itself a great science. It is an enthusiastic research and science to our mind. The mind is analysing the elements in the space including the space. It is a very great pathway to the knowledge of our absolutism.

         Whatever we all may say, the absolutism is itself an object. Whether this matter science has emerged in the space or out of the space, whether it is natural or not, is our great philosophy.

         Philosophy of 'the science'. What is the meaning of this sentence? Please think about this. Here the word 'philosophy' means, the thesis of new finding of matter (or called the prakruthi).

         Rational thinking about the above mentioned lines will give a boost to our mind. That is all. The origin of the absolutism and the emergence of the matter mass in the space is not an easy one for me to rationalise. Everybody or anybody can rationalise the matter mass slowly, very slowly or inch by inch. The research in this way will give ample knowledge to man and make ourselves to realise the matter subject of the physics. To go in this way or line, a precious thought or our functional thinking, will give intutions to our mind. This is a notable one.

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