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Jan 28 2002

         Out of realising ones own self, our self deeply plunges in a very beautiful concept that there is a thing apart from this created matter emergence. It is something. This should be called as God or as a concept of the creation.

         Seperating these two terms, the one as God and the other as the concept of God, is equal to the terms science and thesis. Practicality and its experience will give a very good knowledge, which is the knowledge of something or God or concept is my statement.

         The scientists and educationalists may or may not differ in any manner about this type of thinking. The worrying function of the mind is not in me. I have not at all worried about anything. I am working for this writing. That is all.

         The various religious heads of various religions have a common point in this and accept the Creator and His creations as matter world or physics. This is their fundamental principle about this. Because of this type of fundamentalism they are differing from each other in each and every era according to their renowned thinking.

         In this way the world has so many religions at so many times for their existence. The substance of the creation is a systematic knowledge to some extent. The future of the subject is to probe.

         The substance to the religions is in their hands. All the religions in the world are based on their own fundamentalism. The fundamentalism is their knowledge and substance of the created universe. Their confirmed belief is God. They are all having their touch with the Creator who has a different principle and substance. He or anything is entirely different from the creation, will not at all collapse at any time and will be for ever in the space as their master and creator of the universe. Only a few religions, out of the world religions, may express their belief without any doubt and decide the first cause or the pact is to be a realised pact is 'the space'.

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