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The Universal Openion Of Mine
My Universal Opinion
May 10 2002

New Way Of Thinking

        The beginning of the universe, is a subject for the thinking. The human Race is the evolution of the universal life.

        The man is standing as the top most and first evolutionised being amongst so many evolutions of the universe.

        The background of the evolution and its present evolutionised being is man.

        This man, 'the human being', is thinking about the emergence of the universe.

        Thinking like this is beautiful and has to be applauded.

        Please think about the origin of the first man.

        The origin of the human life and its form cannot be defined and explained.

        The man who is explaining the origin of the universe and the emergence of the same has a very big task for him to read and probe and it is difficult.

        What is that difficulty, is a matter in front of us, which is a question and to somebody it is a great puzzle.

        Thinking about the astronomy and arranging this subject as astrophysics is possible because all of our thinking about the astrophysics and astro astronomy is in the universe.

        For the universe, about the universe, product of the universe and what is the universe, these are all gimmics of words for our thinking and it is a puzzle.        


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