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The Universal Opinion Of Mine
My Universal Opinion

May 10 2002

        People can ask the writer about his thinking on these subjects. My reply is certain. My mind is in its equilibrium condition. I have no habit to confuse everybody because I am not confusing about my own self. (I don't have the habit of confusing others since I am not confused about my own self).

        My self aspiration is doing all these thinking, writing, and doing wonders on its own accord.

        I try to explain my wonders and I want to lay a new path for the coming generation.

        I am writing this book in this type of aspiration and my obvious contribution to teach everybody. I have no place for obsession in my mind.

        I have no preconceived ideas and notions about any subject. All types of preconceived ideas on subjects fall under the head of concepts. The concepts have been explained in 2 ways. The first one is the concept of the object. The second one is the concept of thinking. This idea itself branded the man's habitual notions as a concept writer or thinker of the same. The probing nature of the universe and its emergence, or origin, makes a writer or a thinker, to probe the first cause and the good result of this man's action is to pierce in the deep thinking of the universal origin. Due to the so many facts mentioned above, in the thinking line, the uncertainity of the universe still exists. The uncertainity of the universe is a pleasurable joy of the universe or you may say the matter principle of the world. The first and final hope of man is in the probe alone. Any type of match and any type of influence and simile cannot be explained by a new technology. Man is a thinking creature of opinions. All opinions are the explanation of man's brilliance.

        The brilliance in the human being is not a well established and explicit event, nature or its immediate experience is actually not realised or measured by anyone who is having his own brilliance in his bossom.


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