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All The Experiences Of The Human Body –
Are They Scientific Or Not?
Nov 11 2002


       This conscious state is exclusively without the mind’s connection with the body. It is a very fabulous experience of a religious person. This experience is called trance.

        This pure conscious of consciousness feeling is a separate state of ‘nothing’. But the ‘nothingness’ of consciousness state is itself a pure conscious enjoying presence that is the state of the pious man.

        The conscious state of mind and the state ‘mindedness’ are completely severed in the trance state. Attentively feeling and thinking about this state, any person can think that the mind, body and conscious of a man or women are three separate identities when they think about it. The brainy intelligence can think and do a very great lot of work to spell it out.

        What is this state of trance? It may seem to be a philosophical experience or a man to somebody or anybody. But why is it happening to the human beings who are all religious and have separate practices to this? Just brushing out any subject in the world for no reason, then how to do research in this?

        My contention in this question is whether this state or elevation is connected with the body, mind, intellect, conscious practice or conscious of some super natural concentrating habit. Is this the cause of this or not?

        I am fulfilling my ambition to tell my analysation and just to write this in the midst of my scientific papers. The ordinary world and the scientific world should think about this.


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