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All The Experiences Of The Human Body –
Are They Scientific Or Not?
Nov 11 2002

        The same stuff I shelve in my philosophical writings because always the optimistic brains are not working to the philosophical experiences of the world. I am using my brain and writing other few sentences about the word ‘state’ i.e., the state of trance.

        “Trance state” occasionally or regularly gives its experience to the existing realized souls. To explain the matter I am writing few sentences more about this.

        The trance experiencer undergoes the state from the toe to the eyebrow portion and drowns immediately into numbness. But the conscious eyebrow point in the head is completely fully live in the brain stuff only and exists there intermittently or continuously. This brain point is called ‘the state of trance’.


        The action of transmigration may happen to some like clouds passing in the sky. It may stay permanently to some others. The soul is a religious terminology and it is also an experienced migrating experience of the soul that happens in the living person's body.

         The terminology 'soul' is common usage in the religious experienced people. As many as thousands of separate conscious mixed air (i.e., oxygen) in the shape of cocoon are always traveling in the space. After the death of the human being, the soul exists in the atmosphere with its own pulsating thinking and nature consciousness.

        Around the space, the consciousness pulsating energy is the field of total consciousness. Amidst this the everlasting countless conscious souls are encircling the living planet. It is a vast field. This field is called the super consciousness in the universe.


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