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Qualitative Numberless And Their Transmigration
Nov 16 2002

       Recipe. It means, prescriptions are giving feeling to the newly formed fetus. The instruction-giving recipe is one of the organic growing matter along with various living matters and factors in the semen. All living beings have this. This particular instruction-giving recipe is adding the growing quality to all the life principles formed in the womb of all the living beings including human beings.

      Apart from this, quality-producing tiny cell recipe is also in the semen. These two are important in all the life producing living beings. Quality decides the function, matter, stress, urge and the capacity of producing the ambition in the physical body of all the beings in the world.

       Quality and Recipe: The recipe is creating the intelligence of a man. Quality is creating the capacity and thinking of a man. Quality means characteristic trait. The consciousness is the life of a man. It gives the longevity function of each and every birth in the world. The consciousness is separate in the world. The growing recipe and quality combine in the mass (flesh) and give shape and decides the prescribed growing quality, etc.

       There are so many qualities mixed with the conscious principle and this stuff is protected in a beautiful cover like cocoon. These are called the 'souls'. There are many souls still in the space roaming for their final liberation from the cocoon like cover, to the universal pure consciousness.

       The ultimate aim of all the souls is to merge with the universal pure consciousness. The souls that could not get liberated roam in the space and looks for a pious person on whom it can transmigrate. The souls do not easily transmigrate because they do not want to take birth. Not all the souls in the space transmigrate on one person or the other. Only a few souls transmigrate.



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