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Qualitative Numberless And Their Transmigration
Nov 16 2002

       If a person is very pious and religious the souls tries to transmigrate on that person in any one of the manner as said in the article 'WHEN DOES TRANSMIGRATION OCCUR'. One important fact that is to be kept in mind is that, the soul that tries to transmigrate on a person, transmigrates only if the person has the same quality of the soul. Quality is the most important factor the soul sees for transmigrating. Quality differs from person to person.

       All the souls do not take rebirth. Though many souls are reborn because of their deeds (karma) and some souls are not born again. New births also take place and this maintains the balance of population growth. The term 'new birth' mentioned in the above said sentence means the first birth for a soul (athma). All newborn's need not be necessarily rebirth. They can be either rebirth or 'new birth'. The total population growth is not affected by this.

        When souls are called using the planchette, it is very difficult to call the good souls. Even if the good souls come, it would answer only in monosyllable. The bad souls when called, cause pain to the person acting as the medium. These kind of transmigrations would take place only upto the throat of the person. The transmigration will not touch the brain and hence it will not give extra knowledge to the person. The feeling of transmigration will be visible only in the hands of the person.       



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