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 Self (April 17, 2003) 

 What is self?

Except the human race none of the lives in the universe has any thing called “self”. This is the cause for the non-characteristic quality present in all the lives except human beings

In the lives of animals, birds, plant kingdom, etc. acquiring food when hungry is the predominant feature. 

They have no special ideas and qualities in their hunting and they just think about their food and act according to their thinking. This thinking is instant at that time alone, as they have no quality thinking. This is the reason why they have no “self”. Man has quality, which is called as “GUNA”. 

Human beings have self, which means the “characteristic quality”. The “self” itself is an attribute and this is identifying the physical body and the “ego” i.e., “I”.

Attribute is called the characteristic of a person. This quality is differing in each and everybody and its mighty thinking is projecting the man to the universe.


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