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 Self (April 17, 2003) 

We call him or her a “character” in this world. This is common to all and this is a must one.

The self of a man should be analyzed by the individual himself. If anyone does this they enter the religious world.

Another point in the quality of the self is, to be always identified with the physical body of the individual, pride, education, planning, bad thinking, ego, good thinking, etc.

This type of category of people will fall in the worldly life.

These people will always work hard to do good or bad actions. Their ideas and thinking will be camouflaged by selfishness and make them defend their actions saying that they think for the future.

Without giving any attributes, hard work, thinking, trying to know more about any thing in the world should be done without any type of self-motivation.

The very minute the mind gets attached with the self-motivation that person may become bad instantly or at some time later.

These entire things happen because of the desire in the universe.



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